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help queer people feel safer in russia.
Even today.

Anti-LGBT laws in Russia had a big impact this last year: there’s an increase in homophobia throughout the country, members of the community are experiencing more problems accessing government services, and even close friends and family are reported to have become less supportive.


The Russian state keeps attacking – but we don’t back down. Ongoing threats and legislation can’t stop us from protecting the Russian Queer community. 


Because of this increased repression, we’re expecting the requests for our legal support in particular to almost double this year. And there’s no way we can help everyone without your support! So please support us in funding the work of our lawyers, so every queer person who asks for help will have a friendly defender by their side.


2590 / 5000 EUR


Since January 2024 alone ComingOut conducted:

Psychological consultations
Legal consultations
Career consultations

Your Contribution

Every euro donated will directly fund legal assistance for LGBTQ+ people in Russia. To give you an idea:

Funds a legal consultation, providing essential advice and support
Covers the costs of a lawyer's appearance in court
Supports an appeal in court, helping to challenge unfair decisions

Our default currency is euros but all currencies are accepted. When you make your gift it will simply be for the equivalent amount in your currency. 
If you’d like to make a larger US donation or would like your gift to be tax-deductible in the US please visit our giving partner by clicking here

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Tell your friends that “Coming out” needs their help

Challenges for the community

How "Coming Out" Helps

Any questions left?

Wanna do a fundraiser together?

Georgy Kalakutskii

Crowdfunding Manager


Any questions left?

Wanna do a fundraiser together?

For any questions related to donations or collaboration on fundraising, just drop an email to our Fundraiser Georgy Kalakutskii (he/him/they/them)

Tell your friends that “Coming out” needs their help

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